Coronavirus Update - Masks Still Required after July 1st, 2021

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Coronavirus Announcements

Masks Still Required after August 1st, 2021

On June 25th, 2021 the city of Edmonton announced that the mandatory mask restrictions will be removed on Canada Day - July 1st. Please note that private business locations still reserve the right to enforce any restrictions they feel are necessary to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. At this time we have decided to continue to enforce the mandatory mask requirements for any in-person lessons held at our school. With the large majority of our students being under the age of 12, and unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, this is the safest approach available to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend lessons in a safe and comfortable environment. As re-opening continues we will continue to re-evaluate this policy however at this time we ask that you please respect these restrictions and continue to follow all safety guidelines so we can all stay safe and healthy.

Online Lessons

While we continue to monitor the progress of Alberta’s relaunch, our teachers are continuing to provide online lessons from home over the internet using Zoom or Skype video conferencing. These tools allow students to maintain and grow their skills, continue their learning routine, and work directly with our highly qualified instructors to make the best use of this unexpected time. To date we have seen great success with this approach and feel that a big part of that success comes from our ability to leverage the strong student/teacher relationships formed before the pandemic began. This has allowed for a much easier transition online and better collaboration and understanding for everyone involved. If anyone is interested in trying online lessons please contact us.

On-site Lessons:

We are currently accepting registration requests so that we can begin planning a class schedule with proper social distancing. At the moment registered students would start with online lessons but as things continue to progress we are slowly transitioning into a small scale trial of in-person lessons with a limited number of students. These classes would take place between students and teachers only (no additional family members) in an attempt to reduce the number of people entering the school. Students taking online lessons will be offered the first choice of lesson times once the school begins its relaunch however you are under no obligation to switch back to lessons at our physical location if you prefer online at this time. We understand that everyone has different requirements and will work with you to ensure we can help support your individual learning needs.

Mandatory Safety Procedures

In order to help facilitate our ability to relaunch, keep in mind that we will be enforcing the following safety precautions as we resume live one on one lessons at the school. Please understand that these protocols are for everyone’s safety and are required for all participants, no exceptions:

  1.    If a student has any symptoms of COVID-19, or you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed, please do NOT attend your lesson and immediately contact the school by email or phone prior to your lesson to make alternate arrangements.
2.  Students are required to follow social distancing requirements when entering and moving around the school.
3.  All students and teachers will be required to wear a mask covering both their mouth and nose fully when they enter the school and thoroughly wash their hands and/or use sanitizer before entering your assigned studio. Hand sanitizer is available at all entry/exit doors and a motion activated faucet/soap dispensor has been installed to limit surface contact.
4.  Only one student and one teacher will be allowed in the room together, no exceptions. Please understand that the rooms are not large enough to accommodate more people while still accommodating proper social distancing
5.  Only registered students and teachers will be allowed in the school. Parents, please understand we will NOT be accepting any in person meetings during this time. Teachers will write lesson instructions and assignments in the student's booklet and will be available to contact through phone or email if you have any questions. Please refrain from entering the studio at this time.
6.  Parents, please arrange to drop your children off right before your lesson time and pick them up immediately afterward. We will NOT be able to offer space in our normal waiting areas because it is too difficult to control social distancing. Students will be required to leave the building once their lesson is complete.
7.  Our playroom will unfortunately NOT be available for the foreseeable future as again social distancing is not possible in that area.
8.  If you require water during your lesson we ask that you please bring a water bottle of your own since the water cooler will not be available at this time.

We will provide updates and changes to these requirements as relaunch activities continue to progress. Please also know that we will be engaging in scheduled cleaning procedures before and after each lesson to ensure the safe and sanitary condition of our studio is maintained.

We understand that these rules may seem strict but please understand we are trying to do everything possible to provide a safe enjoyable learning environment where we can all escape for a moment and focus on the music we love. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.